The United States was the first to recognize the Jewish state in 1948 and Israel continues to be our closest ally in the Middle East and one of our stronger allies generally. 

The United States-Israel relationship is strong and resilient. Public and congressional support for Israel has traditionally been a bipartisan issue. Our friendship and alliance with our ally, Israel, is based on our support for Israel as a democratic Jewish state, the only democracy in the Middle East, and a lasting commitment to working together for peace and security.

As president, Delaney would work with Democrats and Republicans to:

  1. ensure Israel continues to maintain its qualitative military edge;
  2. denounce anti-Semitism at home and abroad; and
  3. use U.S. leadership on the international stage to oppose delegitimization efforts.

Peace Process

While Delaney strongly supports a continued peace process and two-state solution, he recognizes that a peace agreement cannot be imposed upon Israel and the Palestinians by a third-party. The U.S. should not predetermine what a final agreement should look like. Instead, Delaney supports direct bilateral talks and will support such efforts by offering to facilitate negotiations as the U.S. has successfully done in the past.

Energy and Water Technology cooperation

Delaney supports continued funding for U.S.-Israel energy and water research to improve efficiency, desalinization technology, and clean energy technology.  This joint work with scientists in our countries is beneficial to each nation and ultimately to the entire world.

Foreign Aid 

Delaney strongly supports continued foreign aid to Israel and to other countries around the world.  There is a dangerous misconception about the size of foreign aid relative to the rest of the budget.  In fact, foreign aid is a tiny percentage of our budget and serves both our national security and humanitarian interests.  Delaney will continue to fight against efforts to cut foreign aid, including assistance we have agreed to under our 10-year Memorandum of Understanding with Israel.

Missile Defense

Israel is a small country and faces a continued threat of rocket attacks from many directions.  They have made great advances in missile defense which have saved many lives. Delaney supports continued military assistance through the Memorandum of Understanding to enhance Israel’s missile defense technology, including the Iron Dome system, David’s Sling, and Arrow-3. These programs improve the missile defense capabilities that help both of our countries. 


For decades, support for Israel has shared widespread bipartisan support, and it is disappointing that some, such as President Trump, have tried to turn Israel into yet another wedge issue in American politics.  This is not acceptable. The Democratic party supports Israel, and as president I will work to maintain and strengthen our longtime alliance and friendship with Israel.

Oppose BDS

Delaney strongly opposes the movement to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel which is an effort to delegitimize the state of Israel.  Efforts should instead be spent encouraging direct, bilateral talks between Israel and Palestinians in search of a lasting, two-state solution to end the bloodshed and allow two countries to live peacefully side-by-side.