Russia has defined itself as an adversary of the US by undermining our elections, threatening our alliances, and pursuing a dangerous military agenda. This cannot be tolerated.

The United States has to stand up to authoritarian leaders and negotiate with Moscow from a position of significant strength. If we approach Russia from a position of strength, with the backing of our allies, then we can have an honest dialogue about areas on which we must work together, such as arms control, and areas where we will hold them accountable. President Trump has weakened the American negotiating position and our allies are losing faith in our relationship. Trump’s actions are empowering Putin. 

As president, Delaney would prioritize arms control negotiations with Russia. New START is the last remaining major U.S.- Russia arms control agreement with major limitations and verification procedures.  Since it expires on February 5, 2021 – just days after the next president takes office, Delaney would put its extension at the top of his agenda. In addition, he would engage with Russia to reenter the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty, which President Trump wrongly withdrew from. The Trump Administration’s policies have increased the chances of a US-Russia arms race. 

Delaney is committed to prevent Russian interference in American elections and would ensure sufficient resources are dedicated to secure our election systems, deter hackers, and increase public confidence in the process. Russia is seeking to undermine American democracy which is unacceptable. To better protect against Russian cyber-attacks and foreign interference, Delaney has proposed the creation of a Department of Cybersecurity to bring all U.S. domestic capabilities under a single roof and develop a unified strategy to protect the homeland under a single chain of command. We need to be prepared to go on the offensive – to carry this fight to adversaries who have come to feel that they can attack us in cyber space with impunity. Russia will not be dissuaded from attacking our elections unless we make it too painful for them to do so. 

Additionally, the United States must recommit our support to our European allies that we stand with them as Russia continues to threaten their democracies and borders. Delaney would make clear to our NATO allies that the United States is committed to the Alliance and deliver a unified message to Moscow that such aggression will not be tolerated. He would engage with elected Ukrainian leaders to support their efforts to push Russia back, including military aide, training and support as appropriate. It is critical that the next president reverses the damage President Trump has done to our standing in the world and to stand up to adversaries who wish to undermine the United States. Delaney is committed to reasserting American leadership in the world and countering Putin’s predatory and dangerous agenda.